MMORPGs are in a constant state of flux. New tactics are discovered, new builds are created, and new gear is always around the corner. With this flux comes needed changes to balance, and quality of life updates for various classes. Changes will not be overzealous or represent a significant change from the designers intention. These types of issues are best suited for private server operators.

server standard

Emulator improvements and feature editions are driven by the community. This means that bug fixes and updates will be happen faster as more support can be offered by the community. This also allows for the QA and testing portion of implementing changes to be more transparent and timely.



Baseline emulator software for all future Warhammer Online servers. There are a lot of private servers for various type of MMORPGs, but the most successful versions of a given private server use a centralized code base from which to work from. This allows for open competition between multiple servers, and allows for joint ownership for project direction and requested changes.

ProjectWAR was founded from the ashes of the WarEmu open source software; the original Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning emulator. Over time, the WarEmu project was abandoned and forked into Return of Reckoning and was forever closed to the public until the advent of the Apocalypse server. ProjectWAR is the culmination of the efforts of both teams. By bringing the emulation software back into public distribution we strive to be the standard for what all Warhammer Online private servers are based.

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Making sure your computer is setup correctly before you install is going to alleviate a lot of headaches. Please use our Discord server if you have any questions.

Game Installation & Configuration

General System Requirements

Warhammer Online Client:




Warhammer Online Launcher:



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